Whether you are a firearm owner with a license to carry a concealed firearm, someone thinking about applying for the license, an owner without such a license, or someone interested in knowing more about using a firearm for defense, this page is for you or your small group. Let's consider how some people come to present a firearm in defense.

Consider this: you could be taught your responsibilities while sitting in a class. And you then quickly forget what you were taught and are, therefore, likely to experience grief while attempting to defend yourself. You might go to jail, the perpetrator may go free--not what you thought should happen. Your problem was that you sat in a class, discharged a firearm once, and determined you had everything you needed. But you never experienced practicing what Florida law expected of you. Virtual reality provides learning AND experience. It is seen many times in the simulator: recently licensed people make tragic mistakes defending themselves and, if they survive an attack, may go to jail. This is not meant to scare you, rather it is meant to motivate you to consider how to best learn to employ the lethal force you are licensed to employ.

Your concealed firearm license education at JTI--if that's the reason you're visiting this page--includes:
       > interactive online instruction, live with an authorized instructor from the comfort of your location;
       > a simulator session demonstrating and allowing you to practice with "real feel" firearms and scenario-based training;
       > live-fire practice at an indoor shooting range.

Click here for your CCW online class with Instructor Haaland.

Review the sample simulator scenarios on this page, view the entire web site, and when you decide you want to experience and practice your legal responsibilities during the required instruction to obtain your license, or build your confidence as firearm owner, simply let us know using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will reply, discuss the session fee with you, and schedule your introduction to the dynamic simulator experience.
Dynamic Multi-Threat Exercises For Situational Awareness
Traditional Range Exercises
Shoot / No Shoot Reactive Exercises
A Sample Video Scenario

In this scenario you see a student engaging a scenario. He is shown in silhouette and is not a shadow on the projection screen. This is an advanced scenario requiring decision making skill.

The firearm operates as does a real one, but "fires" only invisible light. The student hears the round discharge and the firearm recoils and cycles as if real. Shot placement is dynamically displayed during scenario playback.
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Another Sample Video Scenario

In this scenario you see a developing situation with the video camera seeing what you, the student, sees. As the student works toward a survivable solution, the instructor is selecting from drop-down menus of subsequent scenes. This "branching" by the instructor is designed to either reinforce decisions and actions, or to further  complicate the scenario due to poor decisions and actions.
Another Sample Video Scenario

In this scenario you see a student engaging a scenario using a Meggitt system with tethered firearms.
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